• Brad Czerniak

    Brad Czerniak

    Drupal Developer and recovering librarian

  • davesgonechina


    Former China IT industry analyst, freelance translator, Digital Librarian, Now Data Architect @ Edanz. Opinions solely mine. http://rational.agency/

  • Tara Robertson

    Tara Robertson

    diversity, equity, inclusion in tech, accessibility advocate, rogue librarian

  • Duane Acorn

    Duane Acorn

    I am a Media Strategist for @TheWindsorStar in #Windsor, ON. I help businesses reach their target audience and advertise more effectively. I like sports, too.

  • Rob MacDougall

    Rob MacDougall

    Ignatius Donnelly Associate Professor of Old Weird American, Secret Canadian, Gilded Age, Digital, Geek, Gaming, Big, Alternate, and Two-Fisted History.

  • Cate Levinson

    Cate Levinson

    kids' librarian, goofball, reader, learner, dabbler, general enthusiast. All opinions my own & not my employer's.

  • Brian Bancroft

    Brian Bancroft

    Node, Rails, Mapping, Problem-Solving.

  • markefrank


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